Tips for Triathlon Beginners

Ryan Novaczyk
Ryan Novaczyk: President and Chief Executive Officer of New Perspective Senior Living

Since 2008, Ryan Novaczyk has served as president and chief executive officer of New Perspective Senior Living, where he guides day-to-day financing, investments, and strategy and growth initiatives. In his free time, Ryan Novaczyk enjoys staying active as a runner and a triathlete.

Participating in a triathlon can seem daunting if not overwhelming, but nearly anyone can successfully complete one if they are committed. Here are some tips from triathletes for those thinking about entering their first event.

1. Pick a race near home. Picking a race that is close to your home will reduce your race-day stress and allow you to sleep in your own bed the night before the race. Additionally, you’ll likely be able to practice on the course itself, which will help increase your confidence and prepare you for what to expect.

2. Wear a swimsuit and googles for the swim. If it’s your first triathlon, pick one with a pool so that you can stay basic with your swimming attire. If you do decide to enter a triathlon that uses open water, consider renting a wetsuit rather than buying one.

3. Use your bike. For your first triathlon, there is no need to invest in a triathlon-specific bike. Many first-time triathletes complete the biking portion with a simple road bike or on a borrowed bike. Just be sure that the bike is a good fit and is properly tuned.


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