Fast Casual Dining: a Growing Trend in Senior Living

It is no secret that the restaurant industry has undergone a revolution in recent years, as so-called “fast casual” chains such as Panera, Chipotle, and others have taken a piece of the market once dominated by casual dining establishments such as Chili’s and Olive Garden. What may be more surprising is that this trend seems to be catching on in the senior living industry as well.

In recent years, several major senior living companies around the country have incorporated many of the concepts that have made Chipotle and their brethren so popular to the general public into their residential dining programs. These fast-casual concepts include open kitchens and a customizable array of quick and healthy food options, including sandwiches, stir fries, and salads.

Industry analysts suggest the move is the result of a new wave of seniors moving into senior housing who have grown accustomed to the convenience and flexibility of this kind of dining. As a generation of adults who have grown used to stopping by Starbucks or ordering a custom-built Chipotle burrito start to consider retirement living, they are expected to look for senior living communities with familiar dining options.

About the Author:

Ryan Novaczyk
Ryan Novaczyk, Chief Financial Officer, New Perspective Senior Living

As the president and chief financial officer of New Perspective Senior Living, Ryan Novaczyk leads a company that manages 22 senior communities across the Upper Midwest. As part of his leadership duties, Ryan Novaczyk pays close attention to the latest trends and developments in the senior living industry.


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