The American Seniors Housing Association’s Seniors Housing PAC

Founded in 1993, ASHA has evolved into one of the most prominent organizations devoted to improving the senior housing industry. ASHA serves its members by providing research reports on the state of the field, networking events, professional development opportunities, and a recently launched consumer education program unmatched in the industry.

Additionally, ASHA advocates for industry-friendly legislation in Congress. Throughout the year, ASHA lobbyists meet with members of Congress and share information with policy makers. ASHA also supports candidates who promote issues important to the senior housing community through its political action committee (PAC).

Funded through voluntary contributions, the Seniors Housing PAC is a nonpartisan entity that supports candidates in federal elections. The PAC provides funds to both Democrats and Republicans, with the only criteria being that the candidate must stand for the rights and benefits of senior housing residents, companies, and employees. Since its launch, the PAC has provided the senior housing industry with a powerful voice on Capitol Hill to the benefit of all in the field.

About the Author:

Ryan Novaczyk
Ryan Novaczyk, New Perspective Senior Living

A veteran executive in the senior housing industry, Ryan Novaczyk has led Minnesota-based New Perspective Senior Living as president and chief financial officer since 2008. An active member of the field, Ryan Novaczyk belongs to professional organizations such as the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA).


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