The Differences Between Assisted and Independent Living

New Perspective Senior Living provides assisted and independent living services. Choosing between these options usually depends on the capacity of the individual to manage daily activities without the need for assistance.

Assisted living is ideal for people who require assistance with activities such as showering, preparing meals, and taking medications. First-rate retirement communities usually provide a spacious apartment, with the client and caretaker working together to decide on the amount of support required on a day-to-day basis.

Independent living, on the other hand, is meant for people who simply prefer spending time in a social environment without having to perform chores on a daily basis. These clients still get access to various services such as housekeeping, transportation, and laundry, depending on the availability.

Ultimately, the choice between assisted and independent living must be discussed by both the older adult and their loved ones.

About the Author:

Ryan Novaczyk
Ryan Novaczyk, Minneapolis

A resident of Minneapolis, Ryan Novaczyk draws on years of experience as an executive in the senior housing industry. As the president and chief financial officer of New Perspective Senior Living, Ryan Novaczyk oversees not only the financial and accounting aspects but also the overall quality of the company’s senior living service options.


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