Why Seniors Should Practice Yoga


Yoga pic
Image: yogajournal.com

Ryan Novaczyk serves as president and chief financial officer of New Perspective Senior Living, a company that produces senior living programs around the country. Under the direction of Ryan Novaczyk, New Perspective provides services that support the company’s Four Pillars approach to effective senior living, one of which involves maintaining physical fitness through activities like dance and yoga.

Listed below are four benefits of yoga for seniors.

1. Studies have shown that yoga helps individuals with sleep problems. The physical aspects of yoga, coupled with its relaxation techniques, improve the quality of sleep.

2. Yoga helps to increase flexibility as the activity is said to be beneficial to the joints. In fact, a study showed that yoga provides therapeutic benefits to elderly women with osteoarthritis.

3. High blood pressure remains one of the most serious concerns among seniors. Fortunately, yoga has been reported to alleviate hypertension. The breathing and relaxation techniques incorporated in these exercises are said to produce a more soothing effect compared to listening to calming music.

4. Seniors with respiratory limitations may benefit from yoga as well. Research has shown that 12 weeks of yoga classes can significantly improve respiratory functions among elderly women.


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