New Perspective Community Ad Campaign Features Authentic Voices

Ryan Novaczyk
New Perspective Senior Living President: Ryan Novaczyk

Ryan Novaczyk is a respected presence in the Eden Prairie, Minnesota community who guides New Perspective Senior Living as president. Also serving as chief financial officer, Ryan Novaczyk is responsible for the financing, acquisition, and development activities spanning a growing network of 23 senior living facilities.

Among the recent marketing initiatives launched by Mr. Novaczyk’s company has been an innovative ad campaign that emphasized authenticity instead of stereotypes. Through the campaign, soon-to-be residents were given a voice in speaking their concerns prior to moving into a New Perspective community. They then conveyed what they had actually experienced and the “aha” moments that occurred as they became aware of their new community’s benefits.

As Mr. Novaczyk noted, residents at communities “may be retired, but they are far from retiring.” With the slogan ‘Live Life on Purpose,’ the campaign emphasizes that those moving into retirement homes are not focusing on their age, but thinking about what comes next and how to maintain strength and independence through the transition.


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